ShareSync from Cya Cloud Services is an enterprise-class backup and file sharing service. It’s a complete file management solution that gives employees access to always up-to-date files from virtually any device and allows them to securely share files and folders inside and outside the company. ShareSync also fully protects and preserves data with real-time backup and point-in-time restore capabilities.

ShareSync’s data protection features enable business managers to:

  • Assure compliance with security best practices
  • Get full visibility over end-user activity with Audit Log and Admin File Management features
  • Minimize potential downtime from data loss events with real-time backup and restore capabilities
  • Utilize remote wipe capabilities in case of lost or stolen devices
  • Keep content safe with at-rest and in-transit encryption
  • Assure reliability with a 99.999% financially backed up-time guarantee
  • Leverage enterprise-class data centers with redundant storage clusters and connections to multiple Internet providers
  • Protect content integrity with features that guard against accidental deletion or version conflict
  • Keep content in the right hands with permissions and access that are strictly controlled and easily amended

This paper provides detailed information about ShareSync’s security features.


ShareSync data is encrypted both when it’s at rest as well as when it’s in transit. At-rest data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption, while in-transit data is encrypted using 256-bit SSL/HTTPS encryption. Additionally, ShareSync generates a unique encryption key for every account, creating an even greater degree of protection through data isolation.


Each time a user activates a new ShareSync device or accesses ShareSync from the web, they must login using their username and password. ShareSync password policies are imported from Active Directory and utilize “strong” parameters, helping to eliminate the possibility that external parties will guess passwords. This Active Directory integration requires users to use the same password for ShareSync that are used for other cloud services from Cya Cloud Services. Because there are no additional passwords to remember, it reduces the possibility that they will write their password down where others might see it.

For mobile devices, an additional layer of security can be added by configuring a passcode that must be entered each time the app is launched.